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November 2014

Unfortunately Torlan Cardigans has taken a bit of a break while Samantha finishes her last year at veterinary school. Continue to watch the puppy page for updates on litters past and future, and Gabe and Dove’s pages for their progress in the conformation and performance rings.

We hope to have a litter in late 2015.

January 2014

Shortly after our last update, Tesla finished her PACH (agility championship) in late May 2013.

Shortly after that, she came into heat and was bred to Jeeves, Redbud Heart O'Gold Our Man Jeeves, and had a litter of 8 on September 3rd. Two of the girl puppies, Thisby and Dove, stayed here. Gabe is co-owned by Torlan Cardigans and lives in Southern California. You can see information and pictures on their new pages! Two other puppies moved to Southern California and will hopefully do well in the show ring. Keep your eyes peeled for all of these promising puppies in the show and performance rings in the near future!

May 2013

Tesla finished her UD in October as planned with some lovely scores, and will attempt UDX legs in the future. We have been working on fine-tuning and perfecting some of the exercises while in the off-season for obedience.

Tesla also finished her PT in the fall of 2012 in a single day, after only seeing sheep only twice before. She’s amazing!

Tesla now sits at 16 QQs (out of 20 needed for her PACH!) and 749 points (out of 750 needed for her PACH). We hope to finish that title in the summer before taking a break for puppies.

We had a successful trip in March 2013 down to Tulsa, OK for the AKC National Agility Championship. Tesla ended up placing 7th overall by placing 4th in the Challengers round (3 dogs automatically moved to the Finals).

Here is a link to our Standard round, placing 5th:

And Challengers round, where we placed 4th:

In April, Tess was CERF tested clear, and we decided to seriously look for a stud. I believe to have found the right dog for her, and you can check out the details on the Puppies page. The hope is for a summer litter, but if that doesn’t work out then we will plan for Winter 2013.

We started therapy work at a local care facility and visit twice a month, in addition to our READ program at two local libraries.

August 2012

NEW CH TESLA! Tesla finished her Championship in Amana, IA over the Labor Day weekend, with a 4-pt major with handler Linda Williams. Linda did a wonderful job presenting Tesla here in the midwest!

Tesla finished her CDX with a 195.5 and 1st place in a large Open A class. This was the weekend before her 2nd birthday. We can't wait to try out Utility, we've been perfecting our skills and will attempt it in mid-October.

We have been successful in agility this summer and have around 100 pts and 2 QQs left to qualify for Nationals.

Tesla was x-rayed the week after she turned two and and OFA confirmed her hips to be Good and elbows Normal. The stud search is officially on for a mid-2013 litter.

July 2012

Tess has been doing very well in agility and quickly made her way from Novice to Excellent B agility without a single NQ. We are hoping to trial enough to get the 6 QQs and 400 points we need to qualify for the National Agility Championship in Tulsa in 2013, which we need to complete by the end of November 2012.

Tess got two legs of her CDX in early July, with scores of 191.5 and 192, with a first and second place respectively.

We're still looking for that last major, and Tess might end up having to travel a bit with a handler this fall in search for it.

February 2012

Tesla has started the READ program at our local library as part of her therapy dog work. We have been training extensively in obedience and agility, hoping to get some more performance titles very soon! We are also seeking out that last major to finish her Championship so we can focus more on performance.
Gabe and Fay will be at the CWCCSC Regional Specialty in January.

Dove should be seen tagging along with her handler, Linda Williams, at shows in the midwest in 2015.

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